Payment System

The annual guide prices produced are not fixed, but are considered, by the Ring's Board of Directors, to be a fair rate for an average job, and as such are generally adhered to. Any alteration in the price charged for a job must be agreed upon between the Supplier and Demander prior to the commencement of the work.

On completion of a job, the Supplier fills in a work schedule ( book is provided to members in joining pack). After obtaining agreement on the details from the Demander the white copy is sent to/uploaded on the website/ phoned into the office for processing. Both parties retain the remaining copies for their information.

On receipt of the work schedule the Ring office staff invoice the job. An invoice is sent to the Demander and a self-billing invoice to the Supplier.

Payment from the Demander is collected 21 days from the date of invoice.

Payment to the Supplier is by credit transfer 28 days from the date of invoice.

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