Clearwinner Innovation Ltd

Manufacturers and distributors of a complete range of fuel additives designed for application in Agriculture, Transport, Marine, Fuel oil storage and Domestic oil heating systems.


Here at the Ring we stock a range of Clearwinner Innovation Ltd products designed to eliminate the effects of the "New" Lo-Sulphur diesel with biofuels present. These products help to keep injectors and fuel filters clean, fuel pumps to run more efficiently due to improved "lubricity" and help to remove water from fuel tanks. 

For further information, please check out our product specific links to the Clearwinner Innovation Ltd website.

Pureburn Kerosene Additive 

Pureburn Kerosene additive is designed for use in Aga, Rayburn and Central Heating Systems to eliminate sooting/clogging problems resulting in a cleaner more efficient burn.


Stratus Arctic 1000

Stratus Arctic 1000 is designed to maintain the flow properties of diesel and biodiesel in engines and tanks during extreme winter conditions. It os suitable for use with road fuel and Gas Oil.


Clearwinner AM-AC-MP

Clearwinner AM-AC-MP is an Agri-Gas Oil fuel treatment designed for application to all agricultural, forestry, plant and construction machinery. Clearwinner AM-AC-MP eliminates the effects of the new Lo-Sulphur diesel and biofuels. It helps to keep injectors and fuel filters clean, fuel pumps to run more efficiently and remove water from tanks.


Stratus Eliminate 

Stratus Eliminate is a diesel fuel biocide designed to rapidly eradicate the manifestation of microbial growth "Diesel Bug" in fuel an in fuel storage tanks. 

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