Ring The Ring - For Anything !!



HBS Ring Ltd is a co-operative made up of 1100 Farmers, Estates, Contractors, Small Businesses and Individual Members who have one aim in common ...

"Working Together To Save Money"



   The Machinery Ring revolves around the supply and demand of goods and services between members.


In 1988 we initially tried to match up farmers with a surplus of machines or labour with those who had a shortage and so "The Machinery Ring" was born.


In the 28 years since then the company has grown and diversified to not only focussing on agriculture but we can now offer our members a wide variety of services.


The main services include:


Agricultural Contracting

Supply of Commodities

Provision of Labour

Provision of Training



"Ring the Ring!" Please do not hesitate to give us a call to see what benefits you can receive of becoming a HBS Ring Ltd member.